Dramatic Changes Happen Quickly when Kids Put on Sugar-Restricted Diet

According to a new study, cutting sugar out of your kid's diet can have dramatic health benefits in as little as nine days.

The Diet

Kids ages 9 to 18 who had high blood pressure, too much fat in their livers or high cholesterol were selected for the study.

They were fed a diet of such things as such things as pizza, baked potato chips, popcorn, burritos-- normal kid-friendly food from a regular supermarket. The only thing that was changed is that the diet excluded added sugar, such as candy and soda pop.

The Results

Just nine days later, the group of children showed great health improvements. Their blood pressure went down, as did their 'bad' cholesterol. Blood sugar and insulin levels decreased, and many lost weight.

The children overall reported feeling less hungry. "They told us it felt like so much more food, even though they were consuming the same number of calories as before, just with significantly less sugar. Some said we were overwhelming them with food," said Jean-Marc Schwarz, study author.

Schwarz says results were very encouraging. "I have never seen results as striking or significant in our human studies; after only nine days of fructose restriction, the results are dramatic and consistent from subject to subject,” she reports.

Photo: Philly