11 Year Old Chosen to be Diabetes Delegate

Camryn McCullough is on the go. The 11-year-old loves dancing, water skiing, running, and lives a busy lifestyle. Nothing slows this girl down-- not even Type 1 diabetes.

Camryn has a new activity to look forward to: she's been chosen as a delegate to the Children's Congress of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Role as Delegate

Camryn is one of two child delegates selected to attend Children's Congress. The other is Emily Libal, age 10. Both girls will tell their stories to a congressional committee to help put a face on Type 1 diabetes.

Living with Diabetes

Camryn hasn't even started 6th grade yet, but she's got a heck of a story to tell. In July of 2014, Camryn was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She says it was hard at first, but it gets better. She's learned to not only live with diabetes, but to thrive with it.

Ready for the Challenge

Educating people about diabetes is a high priority for the McCullough family. Camryn's older sister, Katherine, also is Type 1 diabetic. Together, the family tries to bust myths and correct misconceptions.

The two sisters did a presentation for their school on what living with diabetes is like, and how they manage it. They're also very active in community events planned by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

This has been great training, and now Camryn is ready to take on Washington.

Photo: Twitter