Should Diabetics Consider Surgery to Help Control Diabetes?

Controlling diabetes is a commitment to a daily regiment, and for some people it can be frustrating. One option for Type 2 diabetics might be weight loss surgery, but is it safe and effective?


There is much research to back up the fact that weight loss can be a key factor in decreasing diabetes complications, or even reversing diabetes for some people. Weight loss surgeries have in this way proven effective as well. This can be especially significant for people who have difficulty sticking to a diet and exercising to lose weight.


Surgery is a scary proposition, but weight loss surgeries like the lap band or gastric bypass are actual proven to be quite safe. Weight loss surgery risks are on par with other common surgeries: gall bladder, knee replacement or appendectomies.

Health risks for surgery are far lower than health risks from uncontrolled diabetes, so patients need to weigh for themselves whether they think surgery will be an effective tool in managing diabetes.

Photo: Delmar Plastic Surgery