Promising Research on a Vaccine for Juvenile Diabetes

Parents get kids vaccinated to protect them against all kinds of serious health risks, such as rubella, hepatitis and pertussis... did you ever imagine a vaccination to protect your little one against diabetes?

According to the German Research Center for Environmental Health, a vaccine against type 1 diabetes may be a reality someday.

The Study

This study is continuing work from other studies that found powdered insulin may trigger a positive immune response in children who are at risk for type 1 diabetes. This new study is working to test insulin given orally that children will take daily with food for a year.

"The [study] will treat children between the ages of six months and two years who carry a genetic risk of developing type 1 diabetes or have a family history of the disease, but who have not yet developed an autoimmune response," said a press release.

Why Oral Insulin

Insulin injected into the bloodstream will lower blood sugar levels. Oral insulin, on the other hand, goes through the digestive tract and does not affect the blood sugar. This creates a tolerance to the insulin that will ideally stimulate the protective immune cells. If all goes well, the process will prevent diabetes.

"Medical examinations will be conducted at three-month intervals in order to monitor the general health of the participants," said a report on the study.

If we could eradicate diabetes the way we’ve eradicated small pox, it would be a beautiful world.

Photo: Endocrine Web